Monday, November 16, 2009

British Trade Dollar.

British Trade Dollar,Silver .900 fine,1899.
Minted in Bombay, India.Mint mark'B'.
With the standing figure of Britannia,
declared legal tender in Straits Settlements
on 2nd.February 1895.
Locally known as 'Ringgit Bertongkat'.
This Trade Dollar never circulated in Britain,
but were made for use in the area of
the Straits Settlements,Singapore and Malaya.


  1. also show the price of it........

    good work

    keep it up

  2. thanx,for the price,it just a few ringgit(rm24)the best price I deal with local dealer(labuan).

  3. For this British trade dollar 1899b,local market for UNC-rm220,EF-rm75 and VF-50.Proof rm10,000.