Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jamaica Coin.

Jamaica coin,50 Dollars .925 Silver Proof.
Obverse the Jamaican Coat of Arms.
Reverse poised on the very brink of the new millennium,
the beautiful Caribbean Island of Jamaica stands ready
 to meet the exciting challenges of the years ahead.
It is a pivotal moment and one that is captured forever.
Beautifully symbolic of the hopes and aspirations of a people
about to embrace a new era in World history,
a happy young family hastens hand-in-hand to greet
a first dawn of the new millennium.
The brilliant rays of the glorious rising sun
shed their light over the little group as they
gaze out over the coastline of their Island nation
 in joyous anticipation of the new day.
The circumscription
portrays the unity and forward thrust of the Jamaican
people into the year 2000 and also recalls
the country's motto 'Out of Many,One People' a motto
redolent of Jamaica's multi-racial ancestry and heritage.
Mintage 5,000.

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